Doodle Outreach


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Doodle Outreach is connecting the world through simple creativity.
We’re experiencing healing, innovation and evolution through the simplest visual art expression: the doodle.

Why Doodling?

It’s simple:

Humans are craving more tactile expression in this era of ubiquitous electronics. Visual expression is not just a current missing. Ever since the popularization of the personal camera, visual/drawing literacy has fallen away as a norm. And we haven’t just lost this specific skill. We’ve lost — and are craving — all of the benefits that come with it. To name a few:

– relaxation
– visualization
– innovation
– authenticity
– self-acceptance
– memory and other brain function support
– outside-of-the-box problem-solving
– youthful joy
– freedom to make messes, mistakes, imperfections
That’s why we doodle, and that’s why we share it.
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About Carin Channing, Rest & Creativity Encouarger, Founder of Doodle Outreach

Carin Channing, MSW, is a hands-on authority in rest and creativity encouragement. Her passion is helping everyone access these areas, not only as hobbies, but also as necessities to living a life of inspiration, vision, connection and happiness. With a background in mental health therapy, Carin works with individuals, families, workplaces, and wider communities. She envisions bringing simple, introspective creativity to every person on the planet. She is the author of the book 365 Days of Doodling (Discovering the Joys of Being Creative Every Day) (2015, Intentional Publishing), and her brand new book for families: Doodle Book Junior — 101 Creative Prompts for Kids. Always a writer, and a musician on the side, Carin discovered her love for visual arts doodling in her early 40s. Since then, she has taught resting and doodling to people all over the world, and in 2015, she began doodling with strangers in Austin, Texas, where she lives, rests, and makes things. See her Doodling with Strangers videos at