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“Our 3rd-5th grade students had so much fun doodling with Carin Channing! Ms. Channing made her presentation an interactive celebration of expressing ideas, encouraging all abilities and doodles.  She is genuine and encouraging, teaching students that there is not a right or wrong was to express yourself. We had a lot of fun responding to some doodle prompts during the presentation and sharing our doodles. It felt like a really fun and important ‘skill’ to teach our students as a way to write, share ideas & feelings and de-stress.  Many students were excited to buy their own copy of her book so they could have more doodle prompt ideas at home.” –Austin ISD Librarian

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Author and Creativity Encourager, Carin Channing, MSW, visits schools to help kids connect with their innate creativity. Ms. Channing knows all about being shut down creatively as a child. She made a decision at a young age that she just couldn’t draw (her pictures didn’t look “realistic” and she quit drawing). She was well into “adult” years when she was invited to try doodling for a month.

Several years, thousands of doodles, and two books on the topic later, she knows the importance of simple creativity in everyone’s life, in every household, and in every family.

Ms. Channing’s intention is to leave children (and the adults in their lives: parents, mentors, educators, etc.) with the fun and unexpectedly profound experience of expressing with stick figures. In her book, Doodle Book Junior – 101 Creative Prompts for Kids, she writes:

“Doodles don’t have to look right or realistic.” She says that this tip helps her keep doodling ever day.

Benefits for children include: brain development, memory retention, and attention to detail. Doodling also helps kids become more creative problem-solvers and is a simple stress reliever. Kids who doodle are also more likely to be comfortable trying new things.

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Through Intentional Publishing, Ms. Channing offers a 25% discount on copies of Doodle Book Junior for students and staff. This book is recommended for ages 5 – 12.

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She is also the author of 365 Days of Doodling: Discovering the Joys of Being Creative Every Day, recommended for ages 12 and up, and available for the same 25% off school discount for older kids and staff.

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