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The Phase I’m Going Through (Doodle Prompt)

on January 7, 2017

Today I had the great joy of meeting with a good friend on Zoom and making a doodle together. She and I have spent hundreds of hours on Skype, Zoom and the like. We have laughed and cried and sat silently and rested. But we hadn’t yet made a doodle together until today.

We have talked about absolutely everything and have shared in many different (and many similar) phases of life.

Today she said, “I’m in such a weird phase” (with apologies to my friend if I’m getting the words a little wrong). And so, as the intention for the call was to join and do some doodling, we grabbed our notepads and our colors and went to make a doodle representing the phase or state we each were in.

It was so soothing.

doodle with armelle

My friend showed me hers first (not pictured here), and I had to laugh, as I resonated with the pictures and the words she used. As I was doodling what you see above, the word trapped had come to mind. I think my friend used the word stuck, but it felt similar. Hers had lots of questions, and still space and light, but the brick walls were looming. Pressure.

We took our time, as it was just the two of us, and even though “a simple and satisfying doodle can be made in five seconds,” (365 Days of Doodling, p. 12), there is great joy in relaxing into the question and watching the answer appear as if out of your mind and into the world of colors in front of your eyes.

I have been in a feeling sad phase. It’s definitely not all day every day, but the percentage of sad in my day compared to my “normal” (ha ha ha, maybe that’s my problem) state has been a high percentage.

I feel it’s mostly hormonally related, maybe some circumstances in the mix (I don’t like being cold, stuff like that). It all feels passing but also like it’s chewing on my face at times. This morning before joining my friend, I was mentally chewing on a situation that I felt had to be tended to, and I was making myself and others wrong, and it was all really uncomfortable, but that’s just what was coming. I take care of myself. I wrote an extra Morning Page. And when we got on our call today, we got right into it.

We took the emoji doodle to the next level, doodling the phase we’re living at the moment. Taking our time, we both got to experience in a more visceral and less mental way. I felt like I was bound up by the blues. Unable to move in some ways, but not 100% unhappy. As you can see, part of the mouth is turned up in a smile.

And that’s accurate. In fact, as soon as I slowed down and made that picture, the agitation energy burned right off. Whatever story I was running before settled, at least in its hormonal urgency.

I never try to tell myself that I should be different — if I can help it. I mean, come on, we’re all hypnotized like that, so sometimes I do give myself shit for just being myself.

But when I get to experience myself in the moment by mirroring with magic markers or crayons¬† — simply mirroring without judging or shunning or changing — it is a great relief.

I feel so often that what is needed in the moment is to recognize there’s nothing wrong with what’s being experienced. But so often we attempt to deal with our experiences by talking over and over and over about them and spinning our heads. I know I do, and I know a lot of other people who do too. We can’t help it, but there are ways to soothe it.

Next time you’re really chewing on something, try making a doodle of it first before talking too much about it. Then see if your conversation is different. See if your body feels any different. Invite your friends to do the same with you. See how you feel from acknowledging yourself and your moment that way.

I’m so interested in ways to deepen our interactions from go instead of always jumping into the pits of the mind as soon as we say hello. Know what I mean? I like this one.

Much love and doodle-couragement,


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